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Understanding The Energy Healing

What we should now about energy healing.

In this article we are not going to talk about what is energy since we already done it in another post , so please for more information about energy and human energy bodies please read The Human Energy System and Energy Bodies article. It is good to know and accept that energy is neither positive nor negative, either good nor bad, Energy is energy, it can be in different forms and shapes or frequencies and still be energy. We as human beings like to label things so we can discourse about them or compare them. So the term positive or negative energy is not because the energy is bad or good, evil or light, in energy healing these terms are used to indicate when a healer uses energy flow to heal so that is called positive energy and when energy is trapped, blocked, discordant or disharmonious it can be referred as negative energy.
Energy healing has been used from very ancient times and civilizations both in religious practice and and healing.  Different beliefs may have some ingredient in how the energy works or who energy healing should be done. However, they all do the same and all are focused to balance the flow of energy in human body and between chakras, to open the flow of energy so that body will function in healthy shape. Some times because of emotions, accidents (physical or mental) not just physical body get affected also the energy body does get affected by these accidents and causes, and in these cases energy can be blocked or trapped in some part of body which will led to develop some sort of illness, discomfort of any kind. Studies how shown many people suffer from emotional pains, pains that feels physical but in the same time they have healthy physical body, these could be an example of energy being trapped. 
And now you may ask what is the role of energy healer, and how that helps to unblock negative energies and heal illnesses. Well we can put it in a very simple way, the healer is the connection and additional flow of energy (positive) which supports the block energy (negative) to start moving and flowing in a balanced way, in order to do this healing sometimes it is needed to flow in the energy and flow it out, And it is usually done by hands.  

Issues and conditions that can be treated by energy healing.

Energy healing can improve and heal variety of issues and discomforts such as emotional, mental, and physical like sadness, depression, discomfort, stress, anxiety, spasm, pains, dis-functioning organs, unbalanced health, and in some cases a lot more serious illness and issues. Remember our body is like a electronic circuit all the connections should be clear and well connected in order for electrons to move and every part functions correctly, a little disconnection may cause very serious issues that we cant even think of the reason could be so simple. Imagine drinking water is very good and healthy suggestion that all doctors do suggest to their patients however drinking of too much water will cause loosing minerals such as sodium and very likely ending up very ill and dead, in the same time consuming of salt, sodium , is not considered as a healthy choice and been told to avoid as much as possible, but body needs certain level of sodium to function correctly, Energy healing does effect the functioning of any part of the body that is in unbalanced mode, and that may cause another part to react differently therefore it may health an illness and discomfort that we could not even thought it can be healed. 

Learning about energy healing techniques.

I believe throw history we have heard and seen many types of energy healing either using hands or not. Mostly hands are used in energy healing, one of the well known energy healing techniques is Reiki which Reiki itself has different styles such as Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Angelic Reiki, and Rainbow Reiki. Remote healing,  Psychic surgery and Massage therapy are some other forms of energy healing as well, in energy healing either with touch or no touch energy can be transformed from a host to an other, however usually the healer is the connector rather than the source of the energy therefore the healer is not loosing any positive energy as a matter of fact they get more positive flow of energy because they are connected to universal positive source of energy. 

Simple techniques of energy healing that we do in daily bases.

Now we learn about energy healing I am sure every one of you would like to have hands on this ancient knowledge and use the benefits of our own abilities which we have been born and created with. You may have not been pay attention much and mean time have been using energy healing all the time, just remember how many times when something happened your parents hugged you and instantly you felt lifting a pressure out of you, or a touch make a pain almost gone or reduced noticeably. A loving word fixed you up instantly like you didn't had an emotional discomfort. Imagination and though of being and caring about someone how it helped them in a journey that you may have heard from soldier that they claim they believe it was because of their moms prayer and protection that this or that didn't happened to them. Well yes you have been already experiencing and using energy healing by instinct, and that is because this is who we are and that is what our body and mind is capable of, we are born to support each other and this is an other reason to proof that to ourselves. 
Now try these simple and quick techniques to improve your health and situations in daily bases.
When you have an opportunity to hug a loved one or anyone who you feel okay to just go for it and give it a sincere and loving both giving and receiving hug, remember energy needs to flow so be a giver and the receiver, feel and imagine the positivity flowing through you.
When you have some sort of pain or discomfort put your hands on the area and relax your mind, focus and imagine flow of the healing energy, and you will feel less pain almost instantly. This techniques does work very well if a loved one puts their hands on the area, simply because they sincerely wants to support you and get you out of the pain, and they may be much more in comfort and relax mood than you are in the pain, also they make a connection between universal positive energy and you.

Practice and study to be a healer.

I am sure many of you that have read all of this article have some interest on learning more about energy healing, maybe just to know more, or improve your life, or support others. To learn energy healing I always say there is no solid rule written on the stone although some practices believe that is not true and a healer has to go through some processes and follow some rules in order to heal and give healing. Well if you are interested on studying this subject in professional level and know about many discipline  and techniques then you it would be better to find a healing master and learn from them, nowadays there are many who called themselves masters so they can teach others and that is your choice to choose what to learn from who you learn, However, I invite you to explore your inner world your calling, instinct and feelings find it  in yourself without being thought, and when you have found what you have been seeking you can study different subjects and techniques from courses or healers. I recommend reading some books about energy healing, healing hands, healing code, and Reiki. Also online courses are very good source to begin with as well.

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