Friday, June 23, 2017

The Human Energy System and Energy Bodies

Understanding of Energy

First and foremost it is good to clear the meaning of energy, according to general physics energy never been created and nor destroyed it is been transferred and transformed from some type to another. Mostly everyone is familiar to Atomic energy, heat,light,current, and wind as of energy well it is because these our most used types of energy resources however in reality everything is considered as energy, science knows as much as everything visible to eye or invisible is basicly group of similar atoms with same signature. Atoms can vibrate in different level, which is actually the electron that vibrates and number of electrons and protons in the atom also makes it unique, and normally number of electrons and protons are equal which makes atoms electrically neutral. The number of protons in an atom is defining feature of an atom, it is what makes one element different from another. Now we know that generally Atom is energy and everything is made out of atom, therefore everything is energy in essence. Very interesting and important characteristic of atoms is that 99.999999999999% of an atom is empty space, so now the question is if only 0.000000000001% of an atom is solid that means anything we see is only 0.000000000001% solid and 99.999999999999% is empty, just imagine the wall front of you if it is 99.999999999999% nothingness then how other solid objects aren't getting right through it, this rises the understanding of vibration which Albert Einstein has in his theories if we can shift our bodies molecular and atomic level vibration we can pass through something or we can be invisible. The vibration of the atom makes the illusion of solidity, imagine a fan rotating very fast all you see is a solid rounded plane, something similar is happening with atoms, therefore we interact with different elements in different level based on their atomic structure and vibration. Now that we understood the energy and elements around us including ourselves are a sort of energy, it is easy to understand how everything have some sort of influence and affect on everything else in surrounding, we will talk about feng shui and energy healing and more in future articles, and for now we will go over the basic knowledge of human energy body system and blueprint.

Five Layers of Human Energy Fields

Energy bodies are known as five main layers including physical body which is well known to everyone. However, the spiritual plane body itself contains different layers which we call it subtle bodies, and mental body could be separated to two layers which is lower mental and higher mental. if you are asking where all these layers and bodies are coming from which is very great question, and here is the answer; as I explained earlier in this article about energy and vibration and how atoms are vibrating and creating a physical and solid matters in the same time they have magnetic field generated around themselves, which basicly we call it aura, the human aura is that electromagnetic field surrounding the body which consists of multiple and different layers and by using advance technology and cameras it is possible to take an image of aura layers which will show the layers in different sort of shades and color, those layers are the energy body layers.

1- The Physical body

Lowest in frequency Regulates the human body. And generally we think of ourselves as physical body which is the first layer of existing body, so this article may help you to understand there is more to yourself than what you see and feel by touching our skin, and perhaps you may realize that we have more senses than 5 since those 5 senses are only from physical body, we will talk about other senses in future posts.

The Etheric body

This layer is blueprint for the physical structure that it surrounds. There is also an etheric human energy field for the soul. And everything that exists in physical plane has its own subtle etheric body counterpart. The human etheric body is the vibrating web of energy from which our energetic blueprint is created. It is also gray or gray-blue in color and it also has been referred to holograph of physical body.

The Emotional Body

This layer regulates the emotional state of the organism. and it is unique to each individual like the fingerprint, it contains all our emotions and feelings including those created by unresolved issues from other life times or from our ancestors and whom of our moms. The emotional body functions outside of third dimensional reality and so has no recognition of time.

The Mental Body

Mental field which contain lower and higher mental fields, processes ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Lower mental stores and transmits all our thought patterns and mental processes. The higher mental body is the layer of energy linked to heart chakra dn is therefore a bridge from physical to the spiritual layer.

The Spiritual Body

Spiritual field or plane contains Ketheric body, Celestial body, Etheric, Astral body. 
Etheric template holds the highest ideals for existence.
Celestial field accesses universal energies and serves as a template for the etheric fields.
In the spiritual body level there is a merger of all aspects of all the subtle bodies as well as the essence of the physical, and is linked to crown chakra.

Causal and Soul Bodies

beside these fields and bodies there is Causal body and Soul body 
The causal body is the layer of energy beyond the higher mental body and is linked to the throat chakra and the causal chakra at the back of the head. and This is the doorway to higher consciousness and links to personality to the collective consciousness of the planet.
The soul body holds the essence of our spirit, the part of us that is a God like inspiration and spiritual visions filter down to the soul/

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day 2017

Happy father's day from United Spirituality to all amazing fathers which with their experience and living we learned good and bad, no matter how good or bad they were or what amazing things or mistakes they done, they gave us opportunity of experiencing all of that with out feeling it on our skin, they gave us a chance to learn from their success and their mistakes to create a better version of us. Here are selection of short stories from different people very inspiring and interesting stories to share with you all in father's day, wish you all will enjoy.

by Nancy Perkins, St. Johns, Michigan
My dad died unexpectedly at age 78, leaving our family heartbroken. During the funeral mass, my sister felt her phone vibrate in her purse. She was a little surprised that someone would be calling her, knowing she was at dad’s funeral mass. Afterward, she found there was a message: “Hi, this is your dad,” said the male voice. “I wanted to let you know I made it home.” The caller obviously had the wrong number, but the message was clear. My dad had completed his journey to heaven and wanted us to know. Thanks, Dad—until we meet again.

THERE’S ALWAYS A FIRSTby Debbie Gunn, Bothell, Washington
My dad delivered bread for a living. We enjoyed each other’s company, so he’d drive home at lunchtime and I’d go with him. One day, we delivered to a large grocery store. When we pulled in back, the manager saw me and said, “I heard it’s your birthday, so go pick out anything in our toy aisle free.” I excitedly grabbed some paper dolls, but the big surprise was still ahead. Dad, the store manager, and the employees stood with a huge lit cake, singing me “Happy Birthday.” I’d turned seven, and this was my first-ever birthday party. Thanks, Dad!

by Mary Ellen Raneri, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
My dad sat straight up in bed and smiled at me. Even though his mouth was crusted with fever sores, he grinned a big grin from his unshaven face. Dementia had completely taken him from me—or so I thought, until he spoke to me. “Honey,” Dad almost seemed to sing the words. “What are you doing here?”  My throat muscles ached from trying to talk and not cry. Choking back my tears, I half-sobbed, “Daddy, I’m here to especially see you. I love you, you know.” “Me too, honey,” he whispered. Then, still smiling, Daddy fell asleep.

by Rudy Berdine, Irvine, California
My dad owned a fruit market on a busy street. The sidewalk in front of his store collected dust and trash, which needed to be swept daily. At age six, I used to hide behind bags of potatoes when my dad asked me to sweep, but while sweeping one day, I began to find dollar bills under the dust and trash. I had no idea where the money came from. My dad had been putting money on the sidewalk—and soon, I was happy to sweep even when no money was found.

A LESSON IN PATIENCEby Robert Cronce, Brown City, Michigan
In the spring of 1960, I was riding with my dad on his milk route. He spotted a small turtle crossing the road, stopped to pick it up, and put in the glove compartment. He told me not to play with it until we got home. Of course, when he got back to the truck at our subsequent stop to pick up milk cans, I was crying over a fresh bite on my finger. The moral of the story: It’s wise to follow instructions. And if you are going to poke something, use a stick instead of your finger.
by Carmen Mariano, Braintree, Massachusetts
I sat in my dad’s living room reading one night while he watched television. An hour passed before I realized it, and I felt bad for not speaking during that time. I asked if he was OK, and he said yes. Then I apologized for not talking more. “Carmen,” Dad replied. “Talking is like ketchup. If you like the meat enough, you don’t need the ketchup—and if you like the company enough, you don’t need the conversation.” My dad never earned a college degree, but he was the smartest person I ever knew.

by Rachel O’Connor, Westtown, New York
“Linda, look at the map!” My father slammed on the brakes, glaring at my mom. He didn’t believe in excessive planning, and so each summer we embarked on a spontaneous family road trip that didn’t always go smoothly. There were lots of late-night panics to find hotels, stops to ask for directions, and elevated tempers. One night, we picked up a hitchhiker somewhere in Kentucky. As we blasted the radio and my dad bought us all ice cream, the hitchhiker told me he’d give his life to have what I had.

BIG SHOES TO FILLby Theresa Arnold, Tioga, Texas
I cleaned out Dad’s closet yesterday. There were two things I couldn’t box up: his work shirts and his two pairs of Red Wing boots. He couldn’t remember birthdays or anniversaries, but he remembered the date on which he’d bought his first pair. I remember it too—April 16, the day after Tax Day. What does a child do with her dad’s favorite boots? I think I will make a planter out of them or use them to store something valuable. You can’t throw away a man’s favorite boots. You’ve got to keep them and pass them down.

by Lucia Paul, Plymouth, Minnesota
My dad was a gardener before it was cool. He would proudly tell people, “I can grow just about anything.” He could—except for my beloved lilacs. He tried everything, with no luck or lilacs to show for his efforts. One night when I was a teen, it was raining in that way it does in Minnesota in April: violent and cleansing. I heard the creak of the side door, and he stood soaking wet, etched with scratches, holding an abundance of lilacs. “I found a secret lilac spot,” he said. “It wasn’t easy, but I got them.” That’s how he got everything.

Friday, June 16, 2017


Crystals have been used for thousands of years and it is nothing new to healers or modern days new age believers. In nature everything has its own atomic vibration and they do vibrate in different frequencies therefore their effect might be different to their environment, what is more interesting about crystals they are very magical, it seems they are alive and responding to their environment, for such a crystals it takes tens of years to form and created, we learned in life anything that takes very long time and constant working to be created is very special and expensive, here is the same with crystals they are not just a piece of rock or stone. Crystals are known to energy healers, traditional healers, even not healers, jewelers and ancient knowledge like pagans which they pay much attention to nature and natural phenomenon. even in newer religions such as Christianity, Judaism, or Islam different stones and crystals been used to decorate or create special jewelleries for their spiritual leaders. Most of the time people and even those leaders never pay attention to the origin of the uses of those type of jewelries, and here we are introducing a basic meaning and understanding to these 10 crystals which each one have their specific healing energy and power. Crystals can help or improve certain discomforts such as anxiety, stress, and emotional unbalanced issues, they promote positive energy, and can help with certain health issues. Keeping crystals around the house or wearing them as jewelry or using them or energy healing and meditation can be a supportive and helpful to achieve peaceful and happy life.

Number 1 and my Favorite: A M E T H Y S T

Amethysts help to relieve headaches and fatigue, promotes good dreams and good skin, supports bones & joints as well as the respiratory system. And it does serve a purpose in crystal therapy to promote physical and emotional healing, and spiritual growth.


Number 2: O P A L


Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit. Its own spirit is at times like that of a child spontaneously playing, dashing color wherever it  pleases. Carrying this imaginative spontaneity into the realm of you life can bring strong creativity.Opals help with PMS and headaches and increases inspiration and creativity. 


Number 3: Q U A R T Z


Quartz enhances energy and focus (perfect for students), eases stress and anxiety, and also clears away negative energy.


Number 4: 



Jade is the stone of the heart, therefore used to attract and enhance love of all kinds. It is also used physically for lung problems, kidney problems, and immune system weakness.


Number 5: 

L A P I S  L A Z U L I


Lapis Lazuli, a combination of minerals, is used for protection and mental clarity. Its physical healing powers are said to help insomnia, headaches, and sinus ailments.


Number 6: 

C I T R I N E 


Citrine is the prosperity stone, it gives bright energies of good fortune and good luck and is also used to clear negative energy.


Number 7: 



Bloodstone is excellent for centering and grounding. It is said to help with calming and to be particularly good for helping emotional traumas and grief.


Number 8: 



Agate is a stone of strength and was used by ancient warriors to make them victorious in battle! Emotionally, agate gives courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, and rids of fears.


Number 9: O N Y X


Black Onyx is used to increase stamina and self-control and assists with challenges in life.


Number 10: G A R N E T


Garnet is known to help with nightmares and is said to dispel and relieve depression. It’s also known to help alleviate back pain, ADD/ADHD, and for the immune system.

Places and Ways to Use Crystals

In the garden

In a bowl your zen garden

As a jewelry

Keep them in your pocket or purse

Placing them around the house